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N E B K C 

Health tested studs 

If you want to have your stud advertised on this page, please send us an email with:


- Copy of his pedigree

- Your full address 

- Your email address

- X-ray scoring & x-ray image (on wich your dog is identified with his chip nr.)

- A link to your website or FB account or if the dog is video confirmed, the Youtube link. If you send us a Youtube link, think to set your Youtube profile in order people can contact you via Youtube. 

To video confirm your dog, please go to SERVICES, sub-menu "Online Confirmation". 

The dog must at least be x-rayed HD. Please check out the requested health tests on each breed standard.

Are you looking for a stud? On the map below, you'll certainly find one matching your criteria. Just click and you'll see the confirmation video of the available dogs and the contact email. 

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