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N E B K C Npo

Trade register number: RC (pending) 

Request on Nov. 23th 2019

We are committed to the molosser,

rare and exclusive breeds since 2013

Page under construction!

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Show organisation SWITZERLAND 

Mrs. Adriana ERB, german speaking part of Switzerland 

Mr. Sven RATHGEB, french speaking part of Switzerland 

Show organisation FRANCE 

More to come ...

We are based in Switzerland, a sovereign country that is not part of the EU, which gives us neutrality, nevertheless we adhere to the Schengen area and we are allowed to act internationally following art. 60 and following of the SCC.

Our pedigrees are recognized by many other organizations but not by the FCI, most of the breeds that we represent are not recognized by this international federation.

Pedigrees from absolutely all serious registries are accepted by us, from the largest kennel club to the smallest local association.

That includes:

Possibility of conversion

Participation at our shows

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