Approved by the Commitee 07.12.2019

Latest update:



a) pictures 


  • The dog's picture can be the entire dog or only the head from front or 3/4 profile 

  • Good light condition, preferably daylight 

  • Images should be of good resolution

  • Accepted formats JPEG, PNG 

  • Minimum size 300 Ko

  • In color


  • No picture accepted taken from above

  • No dogs with closed eyes are accepted

  • No dressed dogs 

  • No dogs with toys or stick in the mouth

  • Nothing written on it - no inscriptions of any type

  • No logos on it 

  • No group photos

  • No filter accepted

  • No flashlight pics 

  • No backlight pics 

  • No blurry pics 

  • No black & white pics

  • No photoshopped pics!

b) documents

Documents should be scanned or pictures of very good quality are accepted. Resolution must be good and legible. All data inclusive registering numbers are reported on the new pedigree and therefore must be clearly legible. 



For a faster processing :

Check your email box «Emails sent» to see if the message is marked as sent

You must have received an automatic answering email of our services, that is the confirmation that your request has been recieved

If you have not received an automated confirmation message, please check our email address info@nebkc.com, whether it was written correctly. 

Always check your SPAM box as our messages can be classed as advertising as we have a professional email address.

Always call us after sending your order if you have not received an answer.

+41 79 696 55 88 (Whatsapp free of charge)

It’s a mobile phone nr.  You can call us free of charge by Whatsapp or send us a message with the date of your order and the email address from wich you have sent it.

-You will then receive a personal acknowledgement of your order by email or a Whatsapp message (in addition to our automatic confirmation email).


For payments it is mandatory to send WITH your order the proof of payment. Payment either online with Paypal or Transferwise or a copy of your wire order (a period of 2-3 days applies until the amount is credited to our account), which extends the delivery period.

 - In order to speed up the processing of your order, please also indicate the reason of payment in the message section of the various payment options so that we do not have to search our accounts.

- For the whole of Europe, you will receive your pedigree within 2 - 3 weeks from the time of your order is complete and paid. After this period you will receive a refund upon request.


From January 2020 we commit ourselves to processing your order as soon as possible.:

 - Deadline for processing 1-3 weeks.


a) The breeder certifies the accuracy of the information transmitted for the establishment of pedigrees or the membership request and the authenticity of the official documents submitted: official kennel license, pedigrees, registration certificate from the microchip registration company, laboratory analysis results, x-rays (with the dog's chip number & name of the veterinarian) and veterinary health scores, veterinary photo identification of your dog, certificate of examination for breeding ability and any other official document if applicable.


b) By declaring a litter, the breeder agrees to undergo a random parental DNA profiling request by us. 

c) Any case of proven fraud will result in the exclusion of the club and the revocation of all previous registrations without any refund from us. In addition, the offender is exposed to a criminal complaint from us and the third party whose document has been forged.

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